Music for a While

Music for a While

H. Purcell

Songs de John Dowland et Henry Purcell

If Musick be the food of Love   Henry Purcell

Strike the Viol       Henry Purcell

Almand                 Henry Purcell

Here, let my life    Henry Purcell

Now, O now, I needs must part    John Dowland

Sir John’s Smith              John Dowland

What then is Love but mourning    P. Rosseter

« Can she excuse »                      Anonyme

Can she excuse       John Dowland

Tis Nature’s voice        Henry Purcell

Saraband                   John Blow

Musick for a while       Henry Purcell

Gaillarde sur Lachrymae    John Dowland

Flow my tears                    John Dowland

Pavane                  Tobias  Hume

Sorrow stay          John Dowland

Eglantine                  Anonyme

Awake sweet Love    John Dowland

From Rosie Bow’rs             Henry Purcell

A new ground                      Henry Purcell

Here the deities approve     Henry Purcell


Damien Guillon, Contre- ténor

André Henrich, Luth

Isabelle St Yves, Viole de gambe

Kevin Manent-Navratil, Clavecin

A whole century sets them apart, and yet their musical connection is obvious. Loving passion is expressed in a gentle, loving way by Dowland (1563 –1626) and in a much more theatrical and extroverted way with Purcell (1659 – 1695). This alternation creates a strong musical and artistic link between both composers, as demonstrated in the two masterpieces entitled Flow my tears and Music for a while.