“Recreation as a cornerstone of Vézelay’s musical event”

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The journey through Italy was pursued at the Collégiale Saint-Lazare d’Avallon. The Banquet Céleste ensemble, conducted by its founder and countertenor Damien Guillon, performed three iconic works from the enlightened 18th century: Salve Regina by Pergolesi, Nisi Dominus by Vivaldi and Psalm 51 “Tigle, Höchster, meine Sünden” by Bach, based on Stabat Mater by Pergolesi. In the first piece, Céline Scheen impressed the entire assembly with her great skill and expressiveness, that fits her resonant tone like a delicate glove. She showed even more virtuosity in Nisi Dominus, with a more rounded alto tone, to everyone’s utmost delight. Whether focusing on the vocals or linear melodies, every note, every phrase brought to the table by Damien Guillon is stunningly refined. As such, in “Cum dederit”, the voices perfectly intertwine with the swaying instrumental underlay, forming a united whole. Psalm 51 is a surprising outcome of the re-write carried out by Bach, where soprano and alto voices mix and stand out in turn, creating a harmonious musical confrontation. Victoria Okada

- Abbazia di Sant'Urbano