Music for a While

Music for a While

H. Purcell

Music for a While

If Music be the food of Love – Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

Strike the Viol – Henry Purcell

Almand – Henry Purcell   clavecin

Here, let my life – Henry Purcell


Now, O now, I needs must part – John Dowland (1563-1626)

A Fancy – John Dowland   luth

What then is Love but mourning – P. Rosseter

Almain – Robert Johnson   luth

Can she excuse – John Dowland


Tis Nature’s voice – Henry Purcell

Saraband – John Blow   clavecin

Music for a while – Henry Purcell


A Galliard to Lachrymae – John Dowland   luth

Flow my tears – John Dowland

Pavane – Tobias  Hume   viole de gambe

Sorrow stay – John Dowland

Awake sweet Love – John Dowland


From Rosie Bowr’s – Henry Purcell

A new ground – Henry Purcell    clavecin

Here the deities approve – Henry Purcell


Damien Guillon, Contre- ténor

André Henrich, Luth

Isabelle St Yves, Viole de gambe

Kevin Manent-Navratil, Clavecin

A whole century sets them apart, and yet their musical connection is obvious. Loving passion is expressed in a gentle, loving way by Dowland (1563 –1626) and in a much more theatrical and extroverted way with Purcell (1659 – 1695). This alternation creates a strong musical and artistic link between both composers, as demonstrated in the two masterpieces entitled Flow my tears and Music for a while.